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We offer innovative & versatile cement based plaster for all kinds of wall finishes

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Situated in the city of Ahmedabad in the Indian State of Gujarat, Perlcon manufactures wide range of construction materials. The company lays emphasis on green construction for environment protection and efficient management of our natural resources.

Perlcon, the manufacturing company uses contemporary techniques, proven methodology and uses green materials. Besides the quality, the materials contain unique characteristic favorable to construction of buildings in India. Some of the factors that make a winning combination are saving of time, cost benefits and imparting exquisite design and appearance. These are due to many beneficial properties, amiability and environmental friendliness.  

Perlcon manufactures the following range of eco-friendly products for green buildings:

  1. Plaster MortarsVolite / Sand Free Plaster
  2. Masonry Mortars  - Brick Bond / Block Bond
  3. Putty - Maska Putty / Color Putty
  4. Tile Fixing Mortars & FillersVertiGrip / AlphaGrip / JointOfill
  5. Speciality Plasters – Icyplast / Colourplast / Osmoplast
  6. Perlcon-Giema Spray Plaster Solutions

Our products have a bright future and comply with modern time specifications. Please browse through our website and products we'll be happy to answer queries or initiate a discussion on how our products can help make your real estate project go truly green.