Coverage Calculators

To find out the cost for your requirements, please enter the dimensions of the surface area in our coverage calculator below:


  1. The Coverage Calculator is provided to get an indicative cost for estimate purpose only.
  2. Cost Calculator is prepared considering Material & Labor components under ideal working conditions, which are subject to variations based on site specific conditions, individual efficiency, etc.
  3. Material and Labor Costs are subject to prevailing market & regional factors, hence they may vary from +/- 20%. In addition, they are also governed by the scale and nature of the assignments.
  4. Though the Company has taken utmost care to provide reasonably realistic cost projection, PERLCON shall not be held responsible in any way in case variation is found on a later date.
  5. For better application of Cost Calculator, we recommend the advice of our local representative / distributor or by calling us, if so desired.