Uneven spreading of tiling mortar leads to creation of air pockets/cavities which often causes the tiles and stones to crack, break or get uprooted. Lack of curing further adds to these problems. Inadequate workability/spreading and premature setting makes the floor tiling work tedious and faulty.

Perlcon Alphagrip is specialized sand free, light weight tile fixing mortar for horizontal surfaces. It’s even spreading properties ensures that no cavities are formed between the tiles and the substrate which makes way for perfect surface to surface bonding. This results in a strong grip as well as less breakage, dislodging of tiles and decreased maintenance requirement.

Being light weight and self curing, Alphagrip ensures quicker construction with lesser manpower. Alphagrip mortar also allows a correction time of 10-12 minutes, leading to more precision in setting of tiles and superior finish. No pre wetting of substrate and tiles is required for application of Alphagrip. This saves water and prevents tile breakage during the application process.


Technical Specifications

Dry density: 1200 kg/cum (+/- 5%)
Initial setting time: 40 – 45 mins
Final setting time: 500 – 600 mins
Pot life: 2 hrs • Coating thickness: 3-5 mm
Coverage*: 3.75 sq.ft./kg (for 3 mm bedding)
Shelf Life**: 6 – 8 months
Type - II

* When applied under controlled environment by skilled applicator and with proper tools
** When stored in proper location with reasonable care. Under packed conditions.

How to Apply

Fill a clean pot with potable water measuring 25% the weight of Alphagrip (1 kg Alphagrip : 0.25 lit water.)
Add Alphagrip to water. Mix and knead slowly to make a homogeneous paste. Let the mixture stand for 10 minutes. Mix again without adding more water.
Apply Alphagrip paste as plaster on clean, dry base surface evenly to form the bedding layer of required thickness.
Take a notched trowel and make grooves of required size on the newly plastered area and take out extra Alphagrip for reuse.
Fix the tiles in required position, ensure full fixity by pressing and twisting the tiles so that there is no air gap. Fix the tiles in required position before the coat is dries off. Set the tiles with wooden hammer. Alphagrip allows a correction time of 10-12 minutes for tile re alignment and perfection.
Remove extra material with wet cloth. Tile fixing is now complete with Alphagrip.

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Q. Can Alphagrip be used for all types of tiles and stones?

A. Almost all.

Q. Does the surface need to be wetted prior to application?

A. Pre wetting is not required for sub base or for tiles.

Q. What is the joint thickness required for achieving a good workable & durable bond?

A. Depends on tile size, thickness and weight. Normally, for 300 x 300 x 8 mm tiles, 3 mm bedding is recommended. Whereas for PKS/granite ladi it can be up to 8 to 10 mm thick.

Q. Can it be mixed manually at site?

A. Yes. Please ensure mixing is carried out in two phases.

Q. How much water is required for mixing?

A. 25% by the weight of dry Alphagrip powder.

Q. What coverage can be achieved with Alphagrip for a 3 mm thick bedding?

A. Under ideal conditions, approximately 3.75 sq. ft/kg, if the base surface is evenly leveled  and work is carried out with proper tools and by a skilled worker.

Q. Does Alphagrip allow correction time after fixing?

A. Yes, you can adjust the tile position within 10-12 minutes of fixing it.

Q. What is the initial setting time?

A. 40 - 45 mins.

Q. What is the final setting time?

A. 500 - 600 mins.

Q. What is the pot life?

A. 100 -120 mins.

Q. What is the shelf life?

A. 6 months. Under ideal storage conditions.

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