Contemporary construction trends emphasize heavily on unique, all weather, versatile décor that is aesthetically appealing and durable.

Colorplast is a value added, sand free, self curing, cement based plaster coating. It eliminates the need for skim coat preparation and paint system. Hence, it is more economical. Colorplast is perfectly suitable for interior as well as exterior applications.

ColorPlast allows creation of exquisite textures and designs – effortlessly! It is strong, shrinkage and crack free and UV resistant finishing layer that ensures longevity. In addition, for project specific requirement, Colorplast can be made available in smooth finish applications as well as with water repelling property.

Colorplast does not peel, flake and is fungus/efflorescence free, thereby more maintenance friendly than conventional plasters. Like all other Perlcon offerings, Colorplast is lighter and easy to apply which allows increased coverage and quicker construction.


Technical Specifications

Dry density: 1400 kg/cum (+/- 5%)
Initial setting time: 90 – 110 mins
Final setting time: 200 – 210 mins
Pot life: 3 hrs
Coating thickness: 1.5 – 2.0 mm
Coverage*: 4.5 sq.ft/kg (1.5 mm thick layer)
Shelf life**: 6 months
Ideal for use at 27oC - 30oC

* When applied under controlled environment by skilled applicator and with proper tools
** When stored in proper location with reasonable care. Under packed conditions.

How to Apply

Clean the base surface with a putty blade and a semi wet cloth.
Take a clean pot with potable water equivalent to 25% the weight of Colorplast.(1 kg Colorplast: 0.25 litres water.)
Pour Colorplast in the pot.
Mix and knead slowly to form a homogenous paste. Let the mixture stand for 10 minutes. Mix again without adding more water.
Apply Colorplast paste on the surface from bottom to top direction evenly to form a uniform thickness of 1.5 - 2.5 mm with "thaapi"/putty blade.
Once semi-dry apply steel/PVC muster/roller/float lightly to make the surface evenly textured or preferred patterns.
Your Colorplast wall is now ready, Colorplast is a self curing plaster and does not require water curing post application.

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Q. Is Colorplast crack free?

A. Colorplast is a stronger homogenous layer and hence substantially reduces the possibility of surface cracks. Colorplast is fungus free and efflorescence free.

Q. Is Colorplast damp free?

A. Colorplast can breathe out inert dampness hence its application reduces the possibility of visible dampness/stains over wall surfaces.

Q. Can Colorplast be used over all types of surfaces?

A. Colorplast works well over internal as well as external plastered/RCC surfaces and gives results similar to distemper/cement based paints.

Q. Does the surface need to be wetted prior to application of Colorplast?

A. No. Colorplast is meant to be applied over a dry surface. It also does not require curing post application.

Q. Can Colorplast be mixed manually at site?

A. Yes.

Q. Can we have different patterns/designs with Colorplast?

A. Yes, we can use PVC/steel/muster to form various textures as well as use rollers to create various designs with Colorplast.

Q. How many shades of Colorplast are available?

A. Colorplast is available in 12-15 shades which are predominantly pastel. For customized shades, kindly contact Perlcon.

Q. How much water is required for Colorplast?

A. You’ll need water as much as 25% the weight of Colorplast.

Q. How much is the average coverage rate of Colorplast?

A. 4.50 sq.ft./kg/ coat of 1.5 – 2.0 mm thickness.

Q. What is the pot life?

A. 90 mins.

Q. What is the shelf life?

A. 6 months.

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