Icyplast is a very light weight, self curing, sand free ready mix mortar formulation from Perlcon that offers trouble free application besides 'Value Addition' such as no shrinkage, no efflorescence, no post application curing, etc. Perlcon Icyplast is an ideal heat insulating plaster which doesn't permit heat transfer from either side. It also has higher fire resistance and noise reduction values.

Salient Properties

• 1/4th the weight of conventional plaster
• Smoother surface
• Maximum heat insulation, higher fire resistance, higher noise reduction
• Cement based surface

Major Advantages

• Covers 4 times more surface with same weight as that of conventional plaster
• Provides better aesthetics for walls
• Ideal plaster for getting perfectly heat insulated walls and ceilings. Provides noise isolation and offers higher resistance to fire
• Provides uniformity in appearance, permits normal paint application
• Speedy, accurate work with less manpower

The Icyplast Premix Advantage

  • Natural heat resistant properties - Minimum 'K' value (Min Heat Transfer)
  • Higher noise reduction, higher resistance against fire
  • Eco-friendly, Green building construction material
  • Energy conservation compliant building material
  • Light weight, shrinkage free material
  • Least material usage as compared to any other plastering material
  • Lasts long, saves from efflorescence
  • Saves manpower & multiple materials handling at site
  • Ideal for Spary plaster application


  • Store in a cool, dry place
  • Keep away for direct sunlight, water & damp surfaces
  • Use no hooks
  • Handle wit compatible tools
  • Contains no toxic/hazardous ingedients


Variants Packaging Applications
Icyplast 30 Kg. Spray Plaster / Manual
Icyplast (SP) 25 Kg. Spray Plaster work


Technical Specifications

Dry density: 425 kg/cum(+/-5%)
Initial setting time: 100 - 120 mins
Final setting time: 480 - 600 mins
Pat life: 2 1/2 hrs
Coating thickness: 6 - 15 mm (depends upon site conditions) per layer
Coverage*: 41 kg. / 100 sq.ft. (10 mm thick plaster)
Shelf life**: 6 months
Ideal for use at 27oC to 30oC

* When applied under controlled environment by skilled applicator and with proper tools.
** When stored in proper location with reasonable care. Under packed condtions.

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