Ever increasing demand for construction sand has caused rapid depletion of riverbeds and raised many environmental concerns. Aggressive and controlled sand mining has resulted in erratic supply and therefore greater fluctuation in prices as well as inconsistency in quality.

Conventional materials and methods of plastering are highly time consuming and involve more operations like procuring and sieving, which in turn lead to spillage and wastage.  

Perlcon Sandfree Plaster is a unique cement based formulation developed specifically to overcome sand related problems like availability, quality, labour and time. Sandfree Plaster ensures consistent quality, fewer operation cycles and quick construction. It saves time and manpower. Self curing Sandfree Plaster also resolves the problem of water for curing.

Sandfree Plaster is a premix material supplied in bags. Apply Sandfree Plaster on walls, ceilings, RCC work by just mixing with water.

Sandfree Plaster is a better alternative to gypsum plaster as it is damp proof, cement based and gives a crack free plaster surface, with quicker application.

Variants Packaging Applications
Sandfree** (LD) 40 Kg. & 4 Kg. Spray Plaster / Manual
Sandfree# (LDE) 40 Kg. & 4 Kg. Spray Plaster / Manual
Sandfree* (HD) 50 Kg. & 4 Kg. Manual / Repair works

** Can be useed in spray / machine applications also.
# Sandfree (LDE) is a water repellant plaster for external applications which doesn't require any water proofing treatment
* Multipurpose Mortar for all kind of repair works


Technical Specifications

Dry density: 1600 kg/cum (+/- 5 %)

Initial setting time: 90 – 120 mins

Final setting time: 200 – 260 mins

Pot life: 3 hrs

Coating thickness: 10 – 18 mm

Coverage*: 170 kg/100 sq.ft. (10 mm thick plaster)

Shelf life**: 6 months

Ideal for use at 27oC - 30oC

* When applied under controlled environment by skilled applicator and with proper tools
** When stored in proper location with reasonable care. Under packed conditions.

How to Apply

Fill a clean pot with potable water measuring 18% (+/- 5%) the weight of Sandfree Plaster (1 kg Sandfree Plaster : 0.18 litres water).
Now pour Sandfree Plaster into the pot. Mix and knead slowly to form a homogeneous paste. Let the mixture stand for 10 minutes. Mix the green mortar again without adding more water.
Evenly apply a coat of Sandfree Plaster with a mason’s trowel or with aluminum level patty.
Apply aluminum level patty from bottom to top direction followed by left to right & right to left direction without leaving stroke marks to level the plaster.
After initial setting apply aluminium scrapping patty to achieve true level and create a rough texture for subsequent coat.
Over smaller area and in corners, apply grilled float to open out plaster surface. Remove loose particles.
After 45 min apply steel/float/muster, if necessary with little sprinkling of water to achieve perfectly leveled plaster surface.
Smooth, leveled, Sandfree Plaster wall is now ready. No curing is required.



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Q. Can Sandfree Plaster be applied on all types of masonry work?

A. Sandfree Plaster can be applied over red clay bricks, fly ash bricks, concrete hollow blocks or AAC blocks masonry surfaces as well as over RCC surfaces. Sandfree Plaster is ideal for both external and internal application.

Q. Is Sandfree Plaster crack free?

A. Sandfree Plaster is non shrinking and self curing, which reduces the possibility of surface cracks.

Q. Is Sandfree Plaster a suitable sub base for all types of painting?

A. Yes, once MaskaPutty or other suitable skim coat is applied, all types of paints can be applied on a Sandfree Plaster wall.

Q. Can Sandfree Plaster be used during repair/renovation along with existing sand cement plastered surfaces?

A. Yes, SandFree Plaster Premix is ideal for all types of repairs & renovation work. In fact, it provides better surface matching without any cracks/later date separation.

Q. Does wall surface need to be wet prior to application of Sandfree Plaster?

A. Wall surfaces need not be pre wetted prior to Sandfree Plaster application. However, if day temperature is above 350C, surface wetting before 2 hours of plaster application is recommended.

Q. Does Sandfree Plaster require special tools or a different mixing and application style compared to sand cement mortar plaster?

A. Ideally, Sandfree Plaster should be machine mixed and should be applied with proper tools as per sequential steps suggested earlier.

Q. Can Sandfree Plaster be mixed manually at site?

A. Yes, with little care and precaution, material can be mixed with water manually at site.

Q. How much water is required for making Sandfree Plaster wet mix?

A. About 18% (+/- 5%) the weight of Sandfree Plaster premix.

Q. To what extent does plaster add strength to wall surfaces?

A. Technically, plaster does not play any role in enhancing wall strength. In fact, plaster with higher strength (rich plaster) tends to crack out often, leading to frequent maintenance.

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